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Mokeru USA is the Authorized USA Distributor for all Mokeru brands. We aim to transform the hair coloring and styling process, adding an innovative level of efficiency while maintaining superior quality and performance.


Mokeru products offer:

1. CONVENIENCE: Unmatched ease of use. Wear gloves and squeeze the shampoo, rub for a few minutes, just like using normal shampoo.

2. TIME SAVING: Use only one time and quickly get fully colored shining hair in 5-25 minutes.

3. COST SAVING: Compared to the expensive cost of dyeing hair in the hair salon, our products are more than 10 times cheaper.

4. ALL NATURAL: Natural argan oil hair black magic shampoo, high quality is a hair-care product in a formula of natural luxurious, there will be no harm to your hair nor scalp when it gives you black and shining hair.

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